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Optimal Movement For The Optimal Life

We want to help before injuries get you down.

Start your personalized physical therapy plan – and keep doing what you love.

Reliable & Accessible To All


Dr. Joe Olofsson

Here to help – before you get injured.

Dr. Joe Olofsson is a Physical Therapist located in Ann Arbor, MI with a passion for helping people stay in motion.


He is a specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and believes that exercise is one of the strongest tools for promoting change in wellness, strength, mental health, and injury prevention. His mission is to keep people doing the activities they love and away from pills, injections, or unnecessary surgery. 



Our 3-Step Process



Uncover the True Cause Of Your Pain or Limitation

We'll take you through the most thorough physical assessment to identify the source of your pain. 

Then we'll educate you on what needs to be done to get you back on track.



Correct the
Problem Areas

Through Manual Intervention, Specific Exercise Prescription, and Education on Self-Care, we'll get those problem areas moving and feeling better.

DSC_0323 (1).jpeg


Develop A Plan to Keep You Healthy

No cookie cutter approach here. Together we will create an individualized plan to maintain the gains made throughout our time together and keep you away from trouble in the future.  

Focused on keeping people moving. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or taking your training to the next level – we're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.  




Your First Call, Not Your Last Resort

Quality Physical Therapy is so much more than just resolving pain and injuries as they come. The best Physical Therapists out there take a holistic view of our patients while optimizing movement and lifestyle factors to reduce the incidence of injury.


Our fitness-forward approach focuses on keeping those in our community moving, and doing what they love. 

We promise personalized 1-on-1 care, flexible scheduling, and transparent education that empowers you to advocate for your health.


Stories From Happy OLO Clients


I have had a nagging shoulder injury for 6 months and honestly thought it would just get better.... it didn't!

A friend recommended Joe and I am SO happy she did. He has a fantastic personality to start (which helps with the comfort level of PT) but also brings in amazing knowledge, chiropractic skills and exercises to do at home.

I appreciate that Joe actually talks about the cycle of pain and gets to the root. (Some people may be able to do a temporary fix but I wanted the "why" so it didn't happen again. My doctor wrote a prescription for pain pills and said "good luck!" I was so defeated by that!) Joe does a good assessment and comes up with a unique plan fit for YOU... without prescribing pills. He truly wants you to be a better you.

You will not regret the decision to see Joe. Your mind and body will thank you!


Highly recommended!! Went to Joe after shoulder surgery and was very pleased and impressed. One of the things I liked best was the constant focus not only on what his directives from the surgeon were but also on what MY goals and objectives were for MY lifestyle and activities. Joe is very knowledgeable and great at demonstrating and leading patients through the exercises and pushes you enough to see real progress. I hope I never do, but if I needed physical therapy again he would be my first call.


Olo Physical Therapy is the place. At almost 70 years of age I fell and ripped my rotator cuff every way imaginable. My surgery was performed in Denver and luckily I found Joe in my home town of Fort Collins. One year after the accident I’m 100%. I owe a lot of my success to Joe. Thanks Joe.


You couldn't ask for a better therapist. He is amazing. Goes at your pace, does not push you and makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Joe is honest and fun. I would recommend him for anyone. If you need physical therapy go see Dr Joe. He helped me with my knee and it is doing better because of him. Thank you

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